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About GardenZoo…

Garden Zoo is dedicated to bring the Australian public a variety of beautiful and unique garden sculptures at affordable prices.

The natural talent of the African people where these products are sourced, create products from recycled metal items like drums and spray cans. Not only do we benefit from the artistic ability and uniqueness of the sculptures, it provides the villagers with a sustainable income.

What are the sculptures made from?
Recycled Steel of various kinds.

How are they made?
All pieces are handmade by individual artists, fabrication is done by hand. Each craftsman creating unique poses for each sculpture so that no two articles are the same.

Watch how they are made…

What are the sculptures coated with?
The sculptures are coated with UV resistant industrial coating, this achieves a high gloss and durable finish.

Where are they made?
We source from Africa and Australian artists.

Will they rust?
There will be weathering and varied amounts of corrosion forming. The nature of our product is to achieve a weathered look. Varying amounts of tarnishing and oxide build up to a reasonable amounts of surface corrosion will occur. After some time in the garden, the sculptures weathering develops character and makes your sculpture even more appealing.

How do I maintain my sculpture?
Basic cleaning is all that is required. If the original glossy finish is preferred, please consider purchasing a maintenance pack from GardenZoo which will includes all items require to maintain your sculpture.

How do I position them?
The animals can be positioned on level or uneven ground by locking the feet in place with tent pegs. If the animals are not to be removed, consider setting the tent pegs into quick dry cement.

Shipping Policy
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Recycled Materials

Our products are environmentally friendly due to the use of recycled materials.

Award Winning

We’ve awarded ourselves all sorts of accolades for how fun our products are!

All Hand Made

Hand made from recycled products every GardenZoo product is a unique piece of art.

Australian Company

We source products from all over the world and ship from our South Australian warehouse.

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